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Corporate Training

Need of trained big data & analytics professionals

Around 3 quintillion bytes of data is generated everyday across the world. So much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Big data has thus created business opportunities like never before in across the corporate and government. Professionals who can analyse all this data & create useful information are highly are in highly demand by companies and other organizations across the world.

The big data revolutions and analytics

Therefore, corporates and the governments, both are finding ways to make sense of all the available data. Business Analytics thus finds favor as it is the use of tools and techniques like data mining, pattern matching, classification, clustering, data visualizations and predictive modelling to predict and optimize outcomes and derive value from the large data. Equipped with this useful information, organizations can compete better in cut-throat markets both locally and globally and our government and public bodies can design better policies with the use of big data and tools/techniques of business analytics.

What QRS does?

Quant Robo analytics Solutions (QRS) designs customized training programs  to equip professionals working in the fields of Finance, banking, Marketing, Retails, Healthcare, Media, Movies, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, IT, Analytics, Marketing Research, or capital markets with the essential tools, techniques, and skills to answer important business questions and optimize business strategies.

There are no real skills you need to take these training programs, although basic mathematics and good analytical skills will be beneficial. However, our all the training module are designed for the people with minimal mathematical knowledge.

Today’s global and connected business environment demands an agile organization, strong leadership and engaged employees. With QRS as your business learning partner, you have access to a range of established courses as well as custom learning opportunities to help your employees meet the unique challenges of their work environments using data and machine learning modelling tools.

How QRS helps?

QRS helps you develop the diverse talents and creativity of your team so you can improve performance amid complex and ever-changing work environments using data. We work with you to assess your employees and organization needs, and to design individual or group learning paths that build and enhance individual and team performance.

We make the most of your training investments with prior-learning recognition, tailored curriculum and post-learning performance support services.

We help you and everyone in your organization prepare for future challenges and opportunities using data. We design custom approaches and programs that you can use to strengthen your leadership team, develop and retain high performers and adapt seamlessly to change. You can depend on the experience, resources and backing of one of the most respected postsecondary institutions in Mumbai to help you achieve your goals through data science tools.

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