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Team QRS

Dr. Asif Kitekar

Dr. Asif is a qualified medical professional, a lawyer and a successful entrepreneur.   He has been senior legal & capital risk analyst, Deutsche Bank, senior counsel, ESSR group and senior general manager, WNS Global. His area of interest is Legal Analytics, Pharma & Healthcare Analytics. He is also director of Quant Roboanalytics Solutions (QRS).


Mr. Gayas Ahmad

Mr Gayas Ahmad is a graduate in chemistry and life sciences and a postgraduate in life sciences. He has worked with prestigious institutions NBRI, NBPGR, IARI, CIFE, and University of Mumbai in different capacities and roles. His area of interest is DNA & Protein sequencing, Genomic analysis, Bioinformatics & Biostatistics. He is also director of Quant Roboanalytics Solutions (QRS).


Dr. Sunil D. Lakdawala

Dr. Sunil D. Lakdawala, a Ph.D. from Yale University-USA and post graduate from I.I.T. Bombay is an independent consultant and trainer. He has over 20 years of experience in IT with various IT consultancy companies including CMC Ltd. and Tech Span India Ltd. He has specialized in the area of Business Intelligence System (Data Warehousing and Data Analysis Techniques like OLAP, Data Mining) and has a rich experience in consultancy, project execution and training in that area.Presently he is Promoter and Executive Director in A3 Remote Monitoring Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Suneel Sarswat

Mr. Suneel Sarswat is a MSc in Statistics and Informatics from the Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay. Before joining NISM, he worked on Financial Analytics at Bank of America. He has keen interest in Mathematics, Machine Learning and Financial Computing. He has done vital projects such as the application of neural networks in financial analysis, credit ratings and trading algorithms involving pattern recognition. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate in Computer Science from TIFR. His interest is machine learning, graph analytics, network mining and media analytics.


Mr. Chandresh Shah

Mr. Chandresh Shah has more than 15 years of experience in Banks and Financial Institutions. He is currently working as associate director at HSBC Hongkong. His past assignments include Risk Management and Compliance role with Tata Capital, Standard Chartered, HSBC and SEBI. He is a qualified accountant and a post graduate in management from the University of Mumbai. His interest is financial & Risk analytics.


Dr Rajan Padwal

Dr Rajan Padwal is M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from The Mumbai School of Economics & Public Policy (MSE-PP). He has around 35 years of vast experience of undergraduate & post–graduate teaching in different areas of economics. His current area of interest is statistical and econometric modeling.


Dr. Narayana D

Dr. Narayana is Ph.D. in Mathematics from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris and post-doctoral fellow from IISc Bangalore. He has worked in HCL, TCS, Computational Research Laboratory and Deep Value as a research scientist in the area of quantitative finance and data science. He is well versed with the current generation data science technologies.


Dr Manish Gupte

Dr. Manish Gupte is a computer engineering graduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in applied economic modeling from Perdue University USA. He has worked as a senior data scientist in Datamatica, Oracle, and Alpha Analytics. There are several publications and a patent is on his name in the area of data science. He is also founder of Mechanism analytics.


Dr. Sandhya Krishnan

Sandhya Krishnan is currently a Fellow at The Mumbai School of Economics and Public Policy, University of Mumbai. She holds a Master degree in Economics from the University of Mumbai a doctorate from the University of Amsterdam. Her research have been published in the Economic and Political Weekly and in an edited volume published by Routledge. She has worked at the Economic and Political Weekly Research Foundation, Mumbai and at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi. Her research interests include development economics and applied econometric. Sandhya is well-versed with software’s such as R for statistical analyses, especially on extremely large data-sets.

We have also top industry analytics professional from IBM, Fractal, Oracle, Viacom 18, Amazon and RBI working as distinguish visiting faculty.

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